Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall on Beech Mountain, N.C.

Our Sunday Drive for you...
Beautiful yellow flowers crammed
together outside of a local mercantile on
top of Beech Mountain, N.C; the highest
town in the eastern United States,
with an elevation of 5,506 feet.
Leaves floating on a clear pond
with a reflection...
Sunlight through the leaves way up
on the top of Beech Mountain! This was
in the smallest park I've ever been in
(donated to the village by a husband
and a wife noted on a small plaque.)
There was a mossy small knoll at this
tiny park's highest peak with a sheer
drop off all around.
The view of some of Beech
Mountain's best livin'. This is also a
winter resort town with great very
frosty skiing.
Come on along!


  1. Are these shots from your new camera, lg? They are all lovely. I like coming along on your Sunday drives. :)

  2. The floating leaves and that amazing reflection - what an absolutely stunning shot, lg! That's one that should be framed - it already looks like a painting!

  3. Hey Lynn! Yes~they are with my new camera! I also had to change out my hard drive to accommodate it was a process...I'm sure glad you are enjoying 'our' drives, Lynn!
    lg :):)

  4. Talon, Did you click on the picture of the leaves floating on the H20 to enlarge? It looks so much better larger! It was such a beautiful day and a terrific location for photos; such color abounding all over! I was a little disappointed, actually, that the pics cannot show the magnitude of the beauty.


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