Friday, June 17, 2011

Le Jardin and New Blooms

Bottom: 'Le Jardin' in the morning light in the back are our potatoes; they are (again) huge!
Tomatoes, squash and onion as well are some of the
plantings ...Middle: My daisies (wild transplants
to the front) are true... :-) Top: A new front yard
plant and a tender blushing pink bloom!
Can't wait to see the whole plant in bloom...
Have a truly great weekend folks!


  1. Ce qu'un joli jardin! Exquis!

  2. What a beautiful (and looks like it will be a bountiful) garden, lg. I'm jealous - with the tree canopies here, we just don't have space for a garden (though we tuck herbs and tomatoes and such in where we can). The pink roses - that is my favorite color for them. And who doesn't love a daisy? Magnifique! :)


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