Sunday, June 12, 2011

Waterfalls Road SoundBite...

Sunday (again; see Sat. posts as well)
we traveled to a nearby
"Waterfalls Road."
Here is a slice of video (raw) so that
you too, can get your feet wet!
Stand back and feel the spray!

I rather like the sound of rushing, roaring
water in the wild. Our plan is to frequent as many
waterfalls (to photograph them) as we can.
Next Up: At the falls bottom, nestled near
a large rock on a ledge,
was this large specimen (note his yellow
back shell and his head)
of a box turtle. Of course I
had to say "Hi, little turtle."
We continued on roads in this area but
because of rain, we had to turn back
(as roads can get flooded here
and we did not know our way.)


  1. That's the most soothing sound ever! Aside from the sound of the Hiawassee River flowing by my sister's house. I should video that next time I'm there, just to capture that sound.

    Loved this and I would have spoken to the turtle, too. :)

  2. Hey Lynn! So very glad that you enjoyed it! Happy to have you come on along~~Did your feet get a little wet though? I plan to go back after it rains; they change so much when the volume of water increases...
    lg :-)

  3. lovely!!! don't know which is better, the sound or the sight!!!

  4. hey pat, thanks for stopping by! Hope that you could 'almost feel' the mist :-)


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